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Do you know how to choose a designer coffee table?

Designer coffee tables are one of those essential pieces of furniture that can never be missing in your home. To choose a beautiful coffee table for your living room you should consider all the decorative elements that constitute it. When placed in the center of the space, this piece of furniture will automatically become a focal point.

At Northdeco you can start choosing between small or large coffee tables depending on the dimensions you have available. Undoubtedly, you will get your coffee table look amazing once placed.

We have a very wide catalog with various types of tables, such as: glass coffee tables for classic and elegant homes, wooden coffee tables for those cozy and Nordic style rooms, round coffee tables if you prefer a contemporary style, and even different original coffee tables and unique designs for the more daring. Among our products we emphasize those elevating and extendable coffee tables for the greatest comfort and versatility. Everything will depend on your taste and what best suits the room where you want to place it.

It is difficult to do without a coffee table, its many functionalities do not leave indifferent; to have objects at hand as the remote control, ashtrays or the book you are reading. They can also be used as a side table to have a meal with your partner, friends or family.


Modern coffee tables, design and original

In Northdeco we have brought a very complete section of modern coffee tables for your living room, because we know that our customers like their home to look like those they see in the movies or decorating magazines.

All our coffee tables are ideal to place in any space and room. They fit wherever you like and look best. Don't wait any longer to get the perfect coffee table for your living room.

If you are looking for designer coffee tables, original and cheap, take the opportunity to visit our online store. In Northdeco we guarantee that you will be amazed with models that we bring this season. And don't forget, our experts are always available to advise you and help you in this great choice.

Square, round, elevating coffee tables...

A coffee table can transform your living room, adding functionality and style. First, consider the size and shape of your living room. For small spaces, a glass coffee table can give a feeling of spaciousness. Among our favorites, the Soho coffee table, the Melbourne coffee table with wheels or the original Harbor rectangular coffee table. Decorate the coffee table with objects that reflect your personality: books, candles, plants or pieces of art. Remember to maintain a balance, avoiding disorder. Finally, leave enough room for your legs to move around well. If you have a small space, you can also opt for elevating coffee tables, and if you have versatile spaces, you can opt for round coffee tables. With these tips, your coffee table will be the perfect focal point for your living room. When you have chosen your ideal coffee table, don't forget to take a look at our new and cheap furniture section.