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Get to know our fabric armchairs for your living room

An armchair upholstered in fabric is the perfect option to spend hours and hours in it, for example, doing movie marathons or reading a good book. Decorate your home with a resistant and comfortable piece of furniture. With these upholstered armchairs you will feel that your home has a special comfort and warmth. Available in a wide variety of finishes, colors, styles, and shapes so you can choose your favourite. Get yours!

Get your ideal designer upholstered armchair

Northdeco's fabric armchairs will turn your home into a place with more style and elegance. Without a doubt, they will bring that touch of warmth and comfort to your home, achieving rooms where it is a pleasure to relax and have a comfortable moment. These pieces provide great beauty and charm, as well as offering all the necessary comfort and resistance. The fabrics that cover our upholstered armchairs are super easy to clean and maintain. For this reason, they are perfect for day-to-day use. They will become your ally for all those moments of relaxation or fun!

Do not hesitate to get one of the Northdeco pieces, here you will find a wide catalog of products: modern upholstered armchairs, vintage upholstered armchairs, Nordic, boho-chic and many others. All our armchairs are for immediate shipping, get the ones you like best and that suit your style!

How to clean fabric armchairs and upholstered armchairs

At Northdeco we want to tell you step by step how to clean fabric armchairs effectively and durably. First of all, it is important to vacuum the armchairs regularly to remove dust and debris. For more stubborn stains and dirt, you can use specific cleaning products for fabric or upholstery, following the manufacturer's instructions. It is essential to test a small hidden area before applying any product to your fabric armchair. In addition, it is recommended to treat stains immediately to prevent them from becoming embedded. If possible, consult the specific care instructions for the type of fabric or upholstery used on the chair. It is always advisable to call in professionals in case of doubts or persistent stains. What are you waiting for to choose to discover our range of upholstered armchairs, such as the Keila armchair or the Featherson armchair?