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Upholstered dining chairs are a guarantee of comfort. At Northdeco we have a wide variety of different models with timeless, functional and easy-care designs. You can find our designer upholstered chairs with or without arms so you can hide them under the table when you're not using them. Among our different models of upholstered dining room chairs you will discover various types of fabrics and fabrics such as leatherette dining room chairs with different finishes in both colors and textures. Among our designs you can find vintage upholstered chairs inspired by the great furniture designers.

These modern upholstered dining room chairs have a soft and ergonomic seat that adapts perfectly to your body, offering maximum comfort. They are colorful upholstered chairs to mix as you want and relax! Its legs are anti-scratch so you can use them on any type of surface you want.

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Among our furniture we could not miss the upholstered Nordic chairs. This Scandinavian style is one of the favorites by our clients, it furnishes in an elegant and unique way each of the rooms where you place them. Fabric chairs are one of the most modern today since, in addition to being beautiful and comfortable, they are adaptable to any environment with their neutral tones that make these upholstered designer chairs one of the top of our range.

Are you looking for upholstered lounge chairs? Don't think twice, come to Northdeco and find the high-quality fabric chairs you were looking for in both fabrics and structures among our wide variety of designs and finishes. Don't wait any longer to get your Northdeco upholstered chair!

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Our range of modern upholstered chairs allows you to add a contemporary touch to your space. If you prefer a more retro and nostalgic style, our vintage upholstered chairs will capture your attention. You'll find that our cheap upholstered chairs are an excellent alternative for those who want quality and style without spending a fortune. Browse our catalogue and discover the wide range of upholstered chairs we have to offer, plus many other types of chairs such as garden chairs, desk chairs and much more - find the designer chair for you and transform your space with style and comfort!