Products purchased through this website come with a 2-year warranty from the moment of delivery. This warranty covers possible manufacturing defects of the product, as well as any malfunction that occurs during this period.

We are not responsible for damages caused by misuse, improper assembly, modification, or alteration of the product by the customer. Also, for use, handling, and/or evident signs of improper treatment.

How to Return to Technical Support

It's important that returns to technical support are fully packaged and protected, without labels on the original packaging. If the product reaches our warehouse damaged due to insufficient packaging or protection, the warranty may not cover the repair. If the original packaging is not available, the customer should use a sufficiently large shipping box with ample protective material underneath, on top, and around the product (bubble wrap, paper bags, foam, etc.). This will prevent any movement of the product within the package.

Products exempt from warranty are those belonging to discontinued items or products on clearance. We reserve the right to offer the customer a suitable solution based on availability.

For information on what to do in case of a problem or product malfunction, you can contact our Customer Service team through the phone at +34 932 20 38 58 or via email at info@northdeco.com.

Warranty Suspension

The warranty does not cover damages caused by external factors such as weather phenomena, fire, water, abnormal use of the product, accidental falls, or misuse by the customer or any unauthorized person. Additionally, it does not cover wear and tear from use, as well as breakages caused by improper assembly, handling, or inadequate storage.

We reserve the right to examine each returned product by independent experts, releasing the warranty if the competent authority can prove that the breakage was caused by the customer.