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Armchairs are a key piece to give a special touch to the decoration of your rooms. These pieces, besides being super comfortable and stylish, are very functional and practical. For many people, having these beautiful design armchairs at home is essential and necessary. At Northdeco we have prepared a selection of cost-effective, modern and comfortable armchairs with a variety of styles and features. Among all the pieces in our catalogue we highlight the synthetic-leather armchairs, perfect to give an elegant touch without leaving aside the economy; the leather armchairs, unique and with a touch of the most chic style; the upholstered armchairs, to convey softness and a feeling of comfort at any time of the year; and finally the chaise longue, an elegant option that never fails. This pieces are fashionable and trendy.

At Northdeco you'll find the perfect affordable armchair

Place your favorite designer armchair in your favorite spot in the house. These individual armchairs are a must in living room or dining room decoration. They are ideal for reading a book, relaxing or just sitting and watching TV. And if you want to add an extra, don’t hesitate to take a look at our pouf section. It will be your little oasis of calm and tranquility! Do not wait any longer to get one of our affordable design armchairs to make your home a modern place with personality. We have many different styles, among them we highlight the Nordic armchairs, one of the most pronounced trends of recent times; also, you can not miss the rest of the armchairs, the clearest bets if you are looking for comfort. But this is not all! For those more daring we have a selection of vintage armchairs that will make you fall in love. What are you waiting for to get your ideal designer armchair?